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I know I’m not always the easiest person to understand or get to know..

But maybe that’s just because I’ve been doing this life by myself for far too long..

Maybe building high walls and keeping my guard high is part of the reason I’ve made it this far.

Sure, I have loving friends who are in my corner, cheering me on, and I trust them completely.

But to get to know me, to win my love, earn my trust?

That’s not easy for a reason.

I used to let people in easily and they walked away, taking bits of my heart with them as they left.

When you keep getting burned, sooner or later, you stop jumping into the fire.

I’ve learned to stand on my own, depend on myself and fight my own battles.

Others might call it tough, strong or independent, I just call it my life.

I don’t ask for approval and I don’t seek attention.

I’ve learned to control what I can and let the rest happen as it’s meant to.

I’ve proven to myself that I can take whatever life wants to throw at me..time and again.

So, before you label me distant, cold or stubborn, take the time to get to know me.

Maybe I haven’t had the easiest life, but I’m worth the effort.

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but the ones who seek the truth beneath my tough exterior always seem to love and appreciate who I am.

So, forget what you think you know about an independent person and maybe realize that you’ll never know what I’ve had to endure to be standing in front of you today, smiling, strong and confident.

You don’t know the price I’ve paid, the sacrifices I made or the failures that changed me.

You’ll never know the roads I’ve traveled or the pain I’ve felt, but maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll feel the intensity of my passion..

I love fiercely and I put it all out there- once you feel my fire, you’ll realize who i am and how I love..

It’s true, it’s real and most of all, just like me,

It’s completely unforgettable.

So, maybe I’m hard to understand, tough to get to know and even more challenging to love, but once you win my heart and affection, there’s nothing I won’t do for the people I love-

And every day, in every way, I make my fiery love and intense passion completely worth the time it took to get past my walls.

Just like me, 

Strong, loving and worth it all.


About me

Cyberster speaks

Hi, I know you think you know me, but the truth is, you know the old version of me.

The broken, sad and weaker me is the person you you’re familiar with..

But that’s not who I am anymore.

I couldn’t stay in that place and ever be happy, so I made a choice.

I chose to pick up my broken pieces, figure out who I was and slowly put back together a better, wiser and stronger me.

So, yes, I’m a vastly changed person.

Where I was and who I used to be doesn’t define who I’ve become nor where I am going.

Sure, there are little cracks where the jagged pieces of my soul fit together, but that’s how the light gets in.

The person you thought you knew isn’t me anymore.

In the place of a weaker, hurting person stands a stronger and bolder me.

I won’t let people treat me poorly any longer and I will never settle for anything less than the best again.

This is my life and I’m standing up and taking back my pride, dignity and self respect.

And for those who can’t accept the new and improved me?

Well, let’s shake hands and part as friends, because the people I want in my life are the ones who will be supportive and in my corner, no matter what goes down.

I’m headed in a new direction and I’m learning how to finally fly.

It’s taken me a long time to get here and there’s been a lot of failure, disappointment and struggle along the way.

But I’m still standing and now, I’m growing.

No matter what life throws at me, I refuse to give up, stand aside or be disregarded.

I did that for too long and let myself be taken advantage of by too many people.

That ends here.

Because I learned something as I climbed out of rock bottom:

I’m worthy of love, I’m always going to be good enough and I’ll never have to remind the right people of that.

So, as I stretch out my arms and welcome a new day,

I can feel the sun shining on my face and the light in my heart glowing.

It’s a new chapter, a new me and there’s nothing I can’t do.

For all those that doubt me, I’ll only say one thing:

Just watch me.

Life is about to get really, really good.

And I can’t wait.

I’ve waited all my life for these days, and I know that I deserve every bit of this happiness.


My personal blog

22 Jan 2022

First blog post

Dear Lord,

 I pray for a thorough and dramatic change in my life, where I let go of bad habits, toxic behaviours, and shattered relationships. Remove anything that stands between me and Your purpose for my life. I declare that my future is worth this sacrifice.